Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to setup NFS most wanted LAN gaming?

Here is a detailed tutorial on how to setup NFS most wanted LAN gaming. I will start with my experience and the errors I came across while setup this game on LAN. In my college we had to organize an event on lan gaming .so we decide to go with CS and NFS .Everything went well with CS but when we setup NFS on lan we got an error while creating a server and the error is “connection lost with the server”. I browsed so many websites to find solution to this problem but none had provided any tutorial. I searched for more than 4 hours ,finally I could find solution to this problem .Here is a step by step procedure to setup NFS MW lan gaming .

Step1: Install NFS mw on all computers connected through lan.
Step2: To play game on lan we need to make one computer as a server. so run game in any one computer .
Step3: Then in the game main menu select lan game.

Step4 :click on create a server.