Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to configure MinGW on Eclipse C++ IDE?

Follow below steps to setup MinGw on eclipse C++ IDE and to get started with First "Hello World" program.

Step 1 : Downloading Eclipse C++ IDE

 Download Eclipse C++ IDE from official eclipse web site or install CDT plugin for you existing eclipse IDE

Step 2 : Downloading and configuring MinGw and MSYS.

You need to download 2 packages


It does not have the complete package, just a installer. While installing you need internet connection to download packages.

Some times downloading packages may fail for some reason. If you encounter this situation download a off line installer from below link

Once you are done with installing add the installation path bin directory to your s/m variable.

Eg: If your installation directory is "C:\MinGw\" add "C:\MinGw\bin" to PATH environment variable.

How to add BIN Directory to PATH env variable ?

Go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> System -> Advanced System
Settings (off on left side of window) -> Environment Variables (button near
bottom).Select the System Variable named Path and Click Edit. Add bin directory location to the end, not forgetting the semicolon at the beginning.

Eg:  "; C:\MinGw\bin"