Saturday, March 9, 2013

How to Format Sd card to ext4?

In this tutorial i will explain  how to format SD card to EXT4.I came across this issue when my Raspberry Pi cant detect an SD card .I goggled it and here is a quick fix.
Before we format it to SD card i will explain why we should format it to EXT4.
  • SD cards which are formatted with  NTFS/FAT cant be recognized by Linux based systems.
  • Even if some Linux based OS can recognize it when you try to edit it you will get "permission denied " error even if your are "root" user.
Note : If you format your SD card with ext4 you cant access data present in it  from windows.

I used  Mini Tool Partition wizard Home edition 7 software to do this.

Click To download

GUI of partition wizard is self explanatory. Right click on your partition  ==>'create' then choose "ext4" from drop down of file s/m then "ok".Then Click on "Apply" on top left corner to start formatting. Once formatting is done place your SD card in linux s/m as you cant see that drive in windows.

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