Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Open Source Low-Code Platforms That I Love

A few months ago, I received an exciting call from the head of my alma mater's computer science department. They invited me back to share my experience on the latest IT trends and motivate the students. After some thought, I decided to focus on a practical skill: building internal tools. I also wanted to show them how these tools could transform their annual university fest.

My goal was to streamline the entire event, moving away from paper-based processes for everything from registration to judging and final results. I chose Budibase as my platform because of its intuitive interface and support for unlimited users with on-premise hosting – perfect for our scenario.

I focused my demonstration on creating an internal tool designed specifically for technical paper presentations. This tool streamlined the entire process:

  • Student-Friendly Registration: Students could easily register, provide a concise description of their research, and directly upload supporting materials.
  • Efficient Judging: The tool provided a structured interface for panel members to rate each paper based on clear, predefined criteria.
  • Transparent Results: A dynamic dashboard automatically aggregated the panel members' ratings, ensuring a fair and transparent outcome for everyone involved.

To the students' amazement, all the above features were implemented live on stage within an hour. Here's the link to the tool: https://dhatric.budibase.app/app/hackathon#/

Of course, I also discussed both the pros and the cons of low-code platforms. At the end of the session, it was clear that the students were both surprised and inspired by the speed and ease of building tools on a low-code platform.

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