Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What is the quickest traffic strategy to get traffic to your blog?

Quickest strategies will only work for a short period (A day or two).
Below strategy will help you to get huge traffic in very short duration and for a very short time.
Mantra: Target on NARROW LOCAL HOT topics.

Eg: Keep an eye on local exam results like GATE/IIT/JNTU/10th etc
I will explain taking JNTU as an example. You can apply same concept to other topics as well
 Do you know how many hits a JNTU website gets during semester results?

According to Alexa, JNTU website will get 40K hits during semester results. 
 Do you know how users reach JNTU results webpage?

Yup they Google it.
Now here is the tricky part .What if Google shows your blog as the first result when user search for "jntu results". YOU WILL GET 40K visits in a single day.
Well you need to do a lot of home work here.
  1. In a blog post write some description and specify the results link .On click of result link user should directly land on the page where he can enter his hall ticket and get results.
  2. Link should be SEO friendly
  3. E.g.
  4. Post the same content in Digg it/Stumble Upon and give your blog URL instead of results link so that user will first reach your website and then navigate to results page.(Very important step)
  5. Make sure even Digg it/Stumble Upon URL’s are SEO friendly.
  6. E.g. jntu-hyderabad-results-2013.html
  7. Google will index these platforms regularly and as our keyword (jntu results) is very narrow\local to an area Digg it/Stumble post will be shown on 1st page.
  8. If you are too lucky it may be the first result as well.
  9. EXPERIMENT and see what will/will not work for you.
This way your blog will land in first 3 results for sure, Of course for a day or two.


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